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Chipless Solutions for Epson printers

:: Epson Printer Models with Chipless Firmware

Printer Model Require Firmware Key
One use (WIC.exe)
Require Activation Key
License for 1 printer (License.exe)

SC-P Series
P400, P405, P407, P408, PX7V2 Supported Supported
P600, P607, P608, PX5V2 Supported Supported
P800, P807, PX3V N/A Supported

Work Force Series
WF-2630, WF-2631 N/A Supported
WF-2650, WF-2651 Supported Supported
WF-2750, WF-2751 Supported Supported
WF-2760, WF-2761 N/A Supported
WF-2860 N/A Supported
WF-3540, WF-3541 Supported N/A
WF-3620, WF-3621 Supported N/A
WF-3640, WF-3641 Supported N/A
WF-3720, WF-3721, WF-3723, WF-3725, PX-M680F N/A Supported
WF-4630 Supported Supported
WF-4640 Supported N/A
WF-4720, WF-4730, WF-4734, PX-M780F N/A Supported
WF-5110 Supported N/A
WF-5190, WF-5191 Supported N/A
WF-5620, PX-M840F Supported Supported
WF-5690, WF-R5690 N/A Coming Soon!
WF-6090, WF-6093 Supported N/A
WF-7110, WF-7111 Supported N/A
WF-7610, WF-7611 Supported N/A
WF-7620, WF-7621 Supported N/A
WF-7710, WF-7711, WF-7715, WF-7720, WF-7721, PX-5080F, PX-5081F N/A Supported
WF-8010 Supported N/A
WF-C5210, PX-S884 New! N/A Supported
WF-C5290 New! N/A Supported
WF-C5710, PX-M884F New! N/A Supported
WF-C5790 New! N/A Supported
WF-C869, PX-M7070FX N/A Supported

XP Series
XP-55, EP-306 N/A Supported
XP-230, XP-231, PX-048A N/A Supported
XP-235, XP-235A N/A Supported
XP-240, XP-241, PX-049A N/A Supported
XP-243, XP-245, XP-247 Supported (old version) Supported (updated version)
XP-330 Supported N/A
XP-340 N/A Supported
XP-342, XP-343, XP-345 Supported N/A
XP-430, XP-431, XP-434 N/A Supported
XP-440, XP-441, XP-446 N/A Supported
XP-442, XP-445 N/A Supported
XP-600, XP-601, XP-605 Supported N/A
XP-630, XP-635 N/A Supported
XP-640, XP-645 N/A Supported
XP-760, EP-807A N/A Supported
XP-830 N/A Supported
XP-960, EP-978A3 N/A Supported
XP-6000 N/A Supported
XP-15000, XP-15010, EP-807A N/A Supported

PX Series
PX-M5040F, PX-M5041F Supported N/A
PX-M740F, PX-M741F Supported N/A
PX-M840F GM22E4 Supported N/A
PX-S5040 AS01E8 Supported N/A
PX-S7050 HD07GA Supported N/A
PX-S840 Supported N/A

EP Series
EP-808 N/A Supported
EP-979 N/A Supported

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